Where's Poppa? by Robert Klane


Where's Poppa? by Robert Klane


Fiction, 6" x 9", paperback, 158 pages, November 2017, ISBN 978-0-9838683-6-1

Where’s Poppa? is a singular moment in American literary history; one in which the legacies of such authors as Joseph Heller and JD Salinger arrive at an unimaginably lewd yet inevitable terminus. It is the product of a Long Island–born Jew, not yet thirty, whose self-loathing found expression through the darkly outrageous and improbably hilarious and who would later give the world, not surprisingly, ninety minutes of convulsively funny cadaver abuse in the immensely popular film, Weekend at Bernie’s.

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Robert Klane’s tasteless novel—along with his self-penned screen adaptation of the Carl Reiner–directed, cult motion picture starring George Segal and Ruth Gordon—has been offending and entertaining connoisseurs of black comedy since its first publication in 1970. Assuming you were not fortunate enough to put your hands on a copy of the now out-of-print and increasingly rare original, ANTIBOOKCLUB has come to your rescue with this first-ever reissue of this seminal work by a true master of the genre.

Robert Klane—whose first novel, The Horse is Dead, Jack Benny proclaimed to be, "Without a doubt the funniest book I have ever read."—lives with his Emmy award, his two dogs, and his wife in Woodland Hills, California, where he spends his free time being mostly ambulatory while awaiting what will hopefully be a swift and painless death.

Cover by J. J. Sedelmaier. Book design by Will Petty.

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