An Open Letter to Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House is a global leader in publishing. With such visibility, comes great influence, and we at ANTIBOOKCLUB are asking our colleagues at PRH to make a bold statement in the wake of the election that they will not tolerate the messages of fear and hate that became the hallmark of President-elect Trump's campaign. We call on Penguin Random House to drop The Art of the Deal from their catalogue, thus severing financial ties to Donald Trump.

The loss of income from the sales of that book will not damage PRH's bottomline, nor will it damage his, and he can always find another publisher for the book. This would ultimately be a symbolic gesture on your part. As an influencer in the publishing world, your continued financial support through the sales of his book sends a message to your readers that you condone his racism, his misogyny, and his contempt for people of different nationalities and religions.

Penguin Random House, you can make a choice to stand beside someone like this, or you can stand a little taller by cutting him off from your sales and your publicity. We believe in free speech, but when the speaker abuses language in order to provoke hatred, condone sexual assault, and encourage physical violence, then a clear message must be sent back that his repulsive and dangerous rhetoric is not ok. Penguin Random House, show the world your strength: Release The Art of the Deal from your catalogue and stand in solidarity with all those who have been marginalized by President-elect Trump and his campaign. 

- Posted on Nov 11, 2016

- Edited / revised for clarity on Nov 13, 2016*

*The original posting was a 'call to action' to readers to boycott Penguin and its imprints until PRH dropped the book, but after reflecting on reader response, we have revised our 'call to action' to be an 'open letter.' We agree with our readers that Penguin Random House should have the opportunity to make this decision of their own merit.