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"In the last few decades, the dozens of companies that once made up America’s publishing industry — Viking and Doubleday, Anchor and Crown, Dutton and Ballantine, and the rest — have grouped into just five multi-billion-dollar conglomerates, sharing offices at a few towers within a six-mile stretch of Manhattan. But that’s also freed up space at the other end of the spectrum, as scores of tiny independent publishers have arisen to fill the vacuum . . . "

"'Size matters not,' to quote Yoda. And at least as far as NYC’s lit scene goes, boy is he right. Our city is packed with envelope-pushing presses—some of which publish some of today’s best books and biggest heavy-hitting authors today—operating out of spaces as tiny as a NYC apartment . . . "

"Gabriel Levinson is a one-man book phenomenon. Notorious for conceptualizing ways to draw new readers to the books they really shouldn’t miss (see: the Book Bike), in 2010 he launched ANTIBOOKCLUB, an independent press dedicated to publishing titles of superior quality . . . "

“Gabriel Levinson just wants to talk to you. He wants to talk to you about what books you’re reading, the cover design of Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, the superiority of printed books over the Kindle. In fact, he may have already talked to you, maybe a few summers ago in Millennium Park as the guy behind the Book Bike, a DIY bookmobile that gives away books . . . “